UI font size

I want to set higher font size of user interface on Rhino 6 for Windows.
I manage to set bigger toolbar buttons and command prompt font size, but can’t find settings for UI font size.

Hello - that will pay attention to the Windows settings -


Thanks Pascal, I known about that setting.
I tried it and too often I got blurred results on many apps.
I’m wondering if there is another way to obtain larger UI texts.

Please, new UI in R8. Independent from OS.

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RH-61234 Resize UI text from within Rhino




How is the command prompt font size changed?

Hi James -

Rhino Options -> Appearance -> Command prompt -> Text size.

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Hi Wim, I have made two macros one to change the size of the text (30), and one to reset it back to 15.


I have tested on two different machines, one machine the command line text resets perfectly, and I can toggle between, but on my main workstation, when I increase to 30 (I lose all command history and data) and when I reset to 15, all the command history is still missing.

Do you know why this is occurring?



Is it possible to edit this in python and toggle between?

Thank you

Hi Oliver -

So, if you copy and paste the following macro and then hit F2, the command history is empty?

-Options Appearance CommandPrompt Font PointSize 30 EnterEnd

Does the same happen when you set this through the Rhino Options dialog box?

Thank you for your reply, Wim

after the Macro is run, command history is there after hitting F2, but there is no command history / information in the command panel at top. If I highlight the area the text is there, just not showing.

The same occurs when I adjust manually in the Rhino Options dialog Box (Text Size). Have also tested using different typeface and the same occurs. This is on Rv7 v35 for clarity. the below image. Is a little annoying but can live with this for now.

It seems to work almost exactly as needed in RV8 with a slightly different macro (have purchased the upgrade) just have not made the jump (most tools I use are on 7).