Rhino UI fonts messed up

The fonts in my user interface got messed up (I think it was after I did a resize of the application). The big problem is that my command prompt get cut off and I can’t see option choices for commands. Also the to toolbar (“File Edit View …”) is cut in half.
Some of the labels at the bottom of the screen are super small.

This happened in my 32bit version of Rhino 5, the 64bit version still works fine. (I need to use the 32bit version in my plugin development.)

I have a higher resolution screen (3840 x 2160). Things are kind of small, but I got by until this happened.

I’ve tried the “ToolbarReset” and “CommandPrompt” commands. I also tried reinstalling Rhino.

Any advice would be appreciated.


@stevebaer - do you have an idea? We have this:


is there is similar 32 bit fix, do you know?


Not really. We typically didn’t have problems with 32 bit Rhino because Windows considered it a “legacy” application and just did the appropriate resizing for us on high resolution displays.

John, could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? I would like to have a better idea of what you are describing.

Actually, the 32-bit Rhino 5 is worse than the 64-bit version. The screenshots below were captured at DPI scaling level 225%.

When the 32-bit version runs, everything looks fine except the text and toolbar buttons look a little bit blurry.

When the “Open file” dialog shows. The size of the Rhino window is reduced to be very small.

When the “Open file” dialog is closed.

When I click in a viewport.

Enable “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” in the properties of the Rhino 5 32-bit icon. The 32-bit version will look just like the 64-bit version. It does not look perfect, but at least won’t prevent you from using Rhino.

Thanks @KelvinC


Wow, thanks Kelvin.

Thanks, Kelvin. Setting the disable scaling worked perfectly!