Command prompt text scale

Hey guys,
after trying out a 4K monitor, which was not-that-good due to problems with text scale in Rhino, I returned to a 1920x1080 screen and the scaling problem persists.

Basically all command prompt text and text on the bottom bar is at a microscopical scale.

Is there any way I could reset Rhino settings, delete registry or something, to return it to original state?

Thank you for any help…


Hi Jonas - if you have SR14 installed, try the SetDPIAwareness command and see if chnging that setting does anything useful.


Here’s a link to the details of getting it all sorted out:

Any luck?

Hi guys,
SetDpiAwareness and Windows display scaling were the two things I tweaked while on 4K and they did things.
Now I’m back on 100% scale fullHD and none of these settings does anything at all. Maybe there is something wrong with my work computer after all, it used to work fine before trying out 4K monitor. I’m using Windows 10 and some relatively cheap Quadro card with drivers updated this August… Hmmm… I just thought the easiest thing to do would be to somehow reset rhino into factory settings.