Rhino 8 UI issues: Text size

Continuing the discussion from V8 UI styling & customization thread:

hi @eobet in the below picture I marked some texts, all the green marks are 9px, all the red are 11px height. The red ones are headers and should be bigger than the other texts

Do you get a different result?

I am not sure if text scaling across the whole UI would be possible at this point.

Sure, I guess I counted the command line as the third size and lament the fact that you can’t control them individually or set a custom font except for that command line.

Here’s Blender’s theme settings for this by comparison, where I’ve changed the entire UI font to Roboto Condensed and am able to tweak the various text sizes their UI use:

@curtisw can you comment on what is currently possible within ETO regarding text styling?

Hi @eobet,

Thanks for the inquiry, Rhino the system UI font and its size can be adjusted by going to System Settings > Accessibility > Text Size.

To add the ability to use a different size than the system was filed a while ago as RH-61234. I’ve added notes about the request to change the actual font as well.