Two easy view questions

I just upgraded to v6 and have two super simple questions.


#1 How do I hide the dotted outline on a circle?

#2 On my wireframe Top viewport, I only see a portion of the cylinders. How do I show the complete shape?




For the circle _PointsOff (F11)

Hi Ray - the object has its isocurves turned off, I would guess - check in Properties:


Thanks, siemen. Exactly what I was looking for.


Yes, the isocurves option was off but turning it on didn’t change anything.

I attached the file in case it helps.

123.3dm (70.3 KB)

What you are seeing is what a cylinder looks like in wireframe: the definition circle(s) and the cylinder seam. To get more you need a different display choice.

Note: I took the word “wireframe” to mean exactly that; if the view is actually in a different mode, then I apologize.

Something is amiss here though. …

still poking.



In v5 it used to show the complete shape.

In case it makes a difference, the two shapes in that file are circles that were extruded and not cylinders.

If I create a new circle and extrude it then the full shape shows in v6 so it seems to be a problem with opening a file that was created in v5.

Hi Raymond - yes, opening a v5 cylindrical extrusion in Rhino 6 seems to have that effect. I’ve created issue RH-53724. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you for confirming and submitting the bug report. Looking forward to the fix.

RH-53724 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate