Invisible Extrusions

Hey guys,

So I’m having a really weird problem with my Rhino. Every extrusions I have made so far always goes invisible. Like literally. Because when I click onto the place I just extruded, it is there, the yellow glowing color when we choose something makes it appear again. But when I don’t choose it anymore, again it just went under like I have not done it. So is it a glitch problem? What should I do with this weird situation?

you might be in a wireframe viewport.

try right-clicking (two-finger click on trackpad) within the viewport then choose ‘Shaded’

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Yep I get this occasionally, if you switch to wire frame and move the model a bit, then switch back to shaded Rhino seems to get the jist it should be visible. Annoying, but not the end of the world, I’m sure it will get sorted in future releases.

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Yeah I actually figured out after asking that beside Wireframe view, the others work really well and are visible. Thanks for your help mate! :slight_smile:

One more question. But should the Wireframe extruded curves be invisible like that? Or this is a glitch?

Yeah I really hope so. Because at first I thought it was a glitch on my Rhino trial, and by buying the official one would help with the glitch but it still happens. Anyway, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

the isocurves aren’t showing because it’s an extrusion object which is a lighter weight surface.

on a phone and I forget the command that toggles between the two… @Helvetosaur, can you explain better? ; ) thx

You can use the command UseExtrusions to set the behavior.

Can you post a screen shot? They shouldn’t be invisible, no.

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