Twinmotion Direct link Rhino plugin?

When i export an object with uv mapping created with uv editor ,Twinmotion don’t import it correctly.
And Twinmotion 2020 crash a lot

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I am using it on the Mac as well. TM should use the GPU with Metal AFAIK, but I can’t see any GPU utilization on my machine as well… and performance is worse than before (but I can’t compare since I deleted the old one already…)

Has anyone figured out, how Grasshopper objects can be shown in TM?

I’m pretty excited about the TwinMotion DirectLink for Rhino. Nice for my boat design efforts with in Rhino and the water and environments look great! Just a sample here.


That looks great!
And exploring in VR never gets old :slight_smile:
You should buy an Oculus Rift. It’s well integrated and experiencing that quality in 1:1 is really a great experience.
I feel that finally someone has grabed the powers of realtime and put them in the hands of designers. (And the GUI gets you up and running in no time too.)
AND great looking boats by the way!

Yeah, this is a whole new world for rendering. Old project first rendered in Octane and then Thea and now in TwinMotion. I should start a thread for side by side comparison of all three.


I compared the same model in both - 19 and 20 TM and TM is slower, all CPu and GPU power drops to zero when I choose High quality - which never happened in 2019.

I also haven’t figured out how to connect Grasshopper with TM yet…

Performance has somehow improved the last time I used it. Maybe there was an update, which I didn’t see…

Has anyone also figured out, if the Direct Link can also be use in RH7 Mac? For now it only seems to work in RH6.

I would like to share my personal experience of working in Twinmotion 2020.1(TM20). Unfortunately, as of now, it is a broken mess.

Here is what we tested:

  • Direct link from Rhino 6 doesn’t maintain the materials after the model has been modified (specifically adding or removing objects). Same problem with direct link from SketchUp (and as far as I know, Revit and Archicad, from reading people complaining on their forums and Twinmotion forum).

  • Import files that I’ve tested (.fbx, .dae, .skp, .obj, .3ds and .dxf which didn’t even generate any geometry in the scene) show the same problem, it is fine as long as you don’t add or remove objects, but once you added something (or deleted from the model) then updated the export file, materials swap, lose UV mapping or outright disappear.

Since we discovered all this after some important work have already been done in TM20 we had to come up with this workflow:

  • Models that require to be frequently updated are texturized in Twinmotion 2019 only, where the texture link seems to be working without issues after the file gets an update, and then the resulting scene is opened and saved in TM20 as a separate file, and then this new file is merged into the current working scene (with new vegetation, people, vehicles, cameras, etc) in TM20. I know it’s quite a workflow, but it’s the only way to work with an updating file and not reapply 10+ materials every time.

  • Models that aren’t changing and thus updating are imported directly into TM20.

I hope this can help/warn those who are unaware of these issues from hours wasted on addressing frustrating bugs. After McNeel’s bustling forums (which I read regularly, thank you all for maintaining live discourse) Twinmotion’s forum felt like an empty desert, where devs are never seen around. I hope this will change in the future and we’ll see or even better, hear first about coming hotfixes.


Little update.

Today is the day when our scene finally got corrupted and took all the backups with it. No idea why and how it managed to corrupt other files from yesterday (I deliberately set auto backup to run every 10 minutes and save 6 consecutive saves). Again, people complain about it on their forums but there seem to be no reliable workarounds for this issue (tried two methods of resolving it but without success).

This happened two times already with a small (few buildings in a community) and a large (few city blocks) size projects. The small project I had to redo from scratch, this one I’ll have to give up on (archviz is not crucial, luckily for us) and only use TM for concept mass visualization.

IMO, a company that releases a software full of bugs like Twinmotion 2020, and the lack of support on their forums, doesn’t care about its costumers hence it’s not worth it. I think is better to look for alternatives…

They focus on development. Just see how far they have come allready.
This is the age old mac vs pc dilemma, (or for a server: i7 vs xeon) do you want cheap, customizable, new hardware that will crash due to new drivers, or pricy, slower, more stable hardware?
Working with peak development software that supports the newst hardware always requires you to take crashing into account. That’s why I don’t like the idea of software inside other software, so I use fbx with TwinMotion.

There was a hotfix update recently where they addressed some of the issues (read here)

The direct link is working fine and objects do retain their materials after an update and in general follow the supposed logic (hooray!!!).

My corrupted file still fails to load however, I hope whatever issue there is causing it will be fixed eventually. My guess is some of their tools messes up the load because a 4 day earlier version loads successfully now (hooray!!), I’ve added some vegetation scatter and what not after that and something went wrong.