Rhino & Twinmotion Link

I’ve been playing with Twinmotion render (you can get it free at the moment, grab it while you can)
Are there any plans a foot making a direct link between Rhino & Twinmotion?
It would be a very beneficial and cool addition :+1:

@dan @brian is this article/comment accurate, there will be a link between Rhino & Twinmotion ?

“The release also promises volumetric lighting, an easy-to-use presentation creator, and a one-click Direct Link with Rhino3d, along with many other updates.”

Hi Miles,

It’s not something that we have written, so, who knows. But I wouldn’t know why they would lie about that…

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Just like @wim, I have no knowledge about a TwinMotion plugin. Others at McNeel might, but I haven’t heard anything.

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I could give you the Glomar response, though you might misinterpret that as me knowing but refusing to comment. Like others, I have no idea.

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@wim @dan @brian I suppose it’s a matter of wait and see :wink: :crazy_face: :+1:

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@dan @Brian @wim so, as I thought, today Twinmotion released their 2020version, and it comes with a direct link to the one and only Rhino3d :grin: , this is great news :+1:
Just been playing with it, the link between the 2 seems ok, early days but looks good.
One issue straight off the bat though, if you highlight an object inside TM, you cannot transform it in any way, ie move, scale, rotate etc with gumball widget ?
Are you guys communicating with them, where/who will log these bugs and issues etc ?

Twinmotion is doing all the development here - please be in contact with them. If they encounter problems that are Rhino specific, or if they need changes or bug fixes from us, they’ll file them with us.

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cheers Brian, great work adding this link too :+1:

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Hi guys! I installed the Twinmotion “Epic Version” (for free) in 2019 and I ordinary use Rhino. I’ve seen it’s possible… in some words… to link the Rhino 3d into Twinmotion… correct?? Can I use the Epic Version to do that or it’s possble only with the newest TM release? Thanks. I cannot do that! :frowning:

Hi Milezee… I’ve read you have the “free” version of Twinomtion… and you are using Twinmotion with Rhino with the direct link… could I ask you how I can do it? I’ve been using Twinmotion exporting FBX from Rhino but it’s so long and annoying… It would be great if you could give me any instructions! :wink:

hi, from what I know the live link only works with TM2020. To be honest I find it a bit buggy, geometry cannot be moved, rotated etc once inside Twinmotion. Have also experienced geometry duplicating itself when refreshing the live link after making changes in Rhino. Hopefully after a bit of debugging and updates from TM it will improve. I have gone back to saving my files as either FBX or OBJ format and just importing as I was before , hth

thanks milezee!! i supposed it! as i can see they’re working and improving it… just hope! in the meanwhile could you tell me if i can install the TM2020.1 trial, keeping the “epic” version installed?.. i don’t want to loose this one… it was free you know… ::slight_smile:

yeh I think its ok to have both, I have 2019 & 2020 version installed, each still opens fine on my machine :+1:

Great! have a good day! :wink:

you too, stay safe :+1:

Of course… :expressionless: … Keep in touch for the updates!

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