Rhino to Twin motion export

I have tried to export from rhino to twin motion several different ways but each and every time the material and the structure of the layers are funky. Nothing is straight it is all cut and distorted. Is there any help for exporting rhino to twin motion which will help the layers. In the pictures you can see that in my rhino model they are straight but in twin motion how they become distorted.


I got a notice from Twinmotion today about a webinar this coming Wednesday about the the Rhino link as well as there being an update with hotfixes that may help. I have had no issues using the Rhino direct link but did have problems when I started with the export to FBX and other formats. Are you sure you have the Rhino direct link downloaded as it is a separate bit of code I think.


I do not have it downloaded, anyway you could link me it? would help a lot. I was exporting the file to a motion builder (FBX) then opening it in twin motion

Look for the Rhino Direct Link here in the bottom row. That should solve your export problems using FBX. One thing important is to get your units sorted out. I think Twin Motion wants meters and you can set that somewhere but the Rhino Direct Link seems to take care of all that for you. Not sure, I just haven’t had too many issues since starting to use the Direct link. You will still have to do some material assignments though. Good Luck and have fun, I sure did the first couple of weeks I started playing with it.
Enough so that I have been trying to learn UNREAL 4 but that is far beyond my pay grade. Just think of TwinMotion as UNREAL4 for Dummies and keep it simple.

I downloaded the new twin motion which I had no clue about and the plugin, nothing seems to help the problem.

This is what it look like now, seems like its getting worse. any help?