Twinmotion bug?

This one pops up every time I open the WIP.

The Twinmotion direct link is for both V6 and V7. I have already downloaded the newest one. In V6 it works as it should (no warning message - and the added Twinmotion drop down in Rhino). Twinmotion is loaded and enabled in V7 also.


I think you have to download the newest version from their site:

Hope this helps

Yes, that’s what I have done (that dialog is lying) - I have the newest version. It works with V6, but not with V7. That’s why I thought it would be a Rhino V7-problem.


Any idea @dan, @pascal ?


I do not have any idea, no. In general v6 plug-ins work in V7 but I don’t know if that is ‘guaranteed’.


Ok, thanks! I’ll ask the Twinmotion team.