Twinmotion 2022.1 Direct link to Rhino 7 doesn't work

Hi guys.

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same problem, but I have trouble to get the direct link of the latest twinmotion to work with Rhino.

I downloaded and installed the plug in as per instruction from Twinmotion website… but when I am in rhino and click on synchronize button, nothing happens, it won’t even option the twinmotion app.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Any suggestions to fix it?

Thank you!

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I just installed the latest direct link and 2022.1 is working for me on win 10 latest sr14 for Rhino.

When you installed the direct link did the dialog pop up asking you to allow local network access? Also when you opened rhino did you see it install? Look in plug-ins and make sure it’s enabled. It usually reports the first time you install it on Rhino’s command line.

You might try opening your epic account first, open twinmotion from the launch button within epic then open Rhino and try synchronize with a file.

Or make sure you have latest Rhino sr and try a reinstall of the direct link.


I have the latest rhino but with win11 on my system. not sure if that would be an issue. I might need to reinstall the plug-in… but when I check the plug in manger twinmotion option did not show up there, only the datasmith one showed up. Not sure if that is the problem…

it still doesnt work. not sure what needs to be done

Maybe try reinstalling but as administrator? Or try redownloading, make sure you have the latest link for Rhino. I had to update my direct link as well as the program.

Sorry it’s not working I can’t think of any other things to help. I would contact twinmotion support they might have an answer.