Turntable Command - Camera Target / Rotation Center

Is there a way to define the centre of a turntable that is run? Maybe this could be added as an option to -Turntable?

For example - a shoe which is maybe not central, when the object is turntabled the viewport will slide from left to right depending on where it is not central (if you want the object to . So each time I want to do the turntable, I would have to make a bounding box, move the object centre to the origin, run turntable, then move back.


Hi @Jonathan_Hutchinson1
If you are refering to the Turntable command, it uses the camera target, so use PlaceTarget to set it. I think it’s the same for the animation setup turntable.
HTH, Jakob

Brilliant. Never used that before, and even then I tried to type it in expecting it would be CameraTarget or PlaceCameraTarget… the naivety!

Macros incoming

Turntable has been unusable for me ever since (I think) Rhino 3. I start the command, and then the centre of rotation randomly jumps around, soon losing focus of any object.
Am I the only one?

Jakob has the solution. I think maybe some kind of NamedView is the best way to then quickly get back to a new centre of rotation.

…but this doesn’t help while you are running turntable…

This doesn’t seem to work for me. If I choose 0,0,0 as the camera target, Turntable still chooses a random centre of rotation…:thinking:

You can’t move the camera after - or else the target will change.

With Pan/Zoom anyway

PlaceTarget on point, start Turntable, watch the random spinning!

BTW, can anyone recommend a better screen capture program than ShareX? :laughing:

Are you running a 3dconnexion Spacemouse?

Hello - do you have something other than a mouse as input, like 3dConnexion or something?


Ah, Yup!
Maddeningly, the problem occasionally goes away.
I’ll try unplugging the Spacemouse and see if it helps…

UpDate: No difference … :frowning:

Strange. I have a spacemouse and it doesn’t affect anything.

On your video, the ‘Point’ snap for your turntable doesn’t look central for the object? make a bounding box, keep the bottom surface, snap the target to ‘Cen’ of that surface.

It is, and none of the other methods help. I just gave up on this… Instead I output a lot of spinning animations using @Holo’s excellent script:

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I don’t have one of the blasted things, but I think there is some sort of “auto centering” tool that is enabled when the driver is loaded.
Have a look in Options for the Spacemouse stuff.
See if you can find something related to auto centering the view.

Maybe someone that has one of the accursed things can offer more help.

Yes!! Thanks John. :star_struck:
In the Spacemouse settings make sure Rotation Centre Auto is unchecked. Not sure the effect it supposed to have anyway, not explained. (make sure rhino is the active window when changing the settings)
You can also get to this setting within Rhino via Spacecemouse/popup_menu/Rotation centre/Auto

Now, if only I could solve my last 3DConnexion issue about the direction of rotation reversing as you move the POV through the XY plane… :thinking:

BTW John- when they work properly they are an absolute joy to use in ant 3D program, and save a ton of time…

As I understand it, that auto centering tool makes it possible to “fly” through a scene.
It only makes sense with a spacemouse and not with a standard desktop rodent.

Incidentally, PlaceTarget does not autocomplete in the command line… @John_Brock

Hello - ‘Place target’ on the toolbar button is actually a macro:

! _-ViewportProperties _CameraTarget _Enter _Pause _Enter

It might be worth making yourself an alias for that.


ah gotcha, Thanks!

MoveTargetToObjects is a nice one too.