Turn OFF auto denoise / shadow quality?


since v8 or actually i recently noticed that this started to happen, i can not recall that a denoising set in before, anyway is it possible to turn this feature off which sets in after about 20 cyles? it seems to be in raytraced mode in the viewport but also in the rendering window.

also when that denoising sets it in degraded the quality of the shadows showing kind of compression artefacts in the darker parts and kind of banding artefacts in the transition areas which stay even if rendered for a longer time.

if you need a file, just a random cube…

Untitled 2.3dm (3.4 MB)

This is something for @DavidEranen. I logged earlier today a bug for that: RH-79598 Denoiser causes banding.

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one question remains, is it possible to turn off this denoiser? it seems to be a denoiser which is now auotmatically turned on, i could not find any settings for it.

Yes, I wrote about that in the first topic that inspired RH-79598:

that is a nicely hidden easter egg… that star only pops up once in raytraced… ok so i turned it off, now that setting does not stay, when i reengage the render process the enable post effects is again checked, now i can uncheck denois which stays but post effects generally stay turned on.

also even with the denoiser disabled, there are banding issues. although only in the transition area now not in the darker parts anymore.

Did you turn off all post effects?

yes, nothing in that list besides denoise which is turned off.

I meant the Enable Post Effects checkbox - uncheck that.

been there done that, it does not turn off

@encephalon I think you’ll find that doing a _Render will give you smooth gradients. Banding in the viewport is not something I have control over - it is up to the display pipeline people to make viewports support 32bit float results. This has been an issue since forever.