Render post effects reset

okay so,

I’ve enabled the nvidia denoiser post-effect in the render window, and even when I disable it again, the renderer insists on denoising every frame in my main viewport window while it runs cycles. Is there a way I can get the raytraced view mode to not use the denoiser, or is there a way I can at least get it to respect the state that I have the post-effect toggled to in the render window?


I recently played with some channels in my render window and now when I did a viewcapturetofile, the render came out completely black (but I can’t be sure if the two are related).

…And finally, I’d love for there to be an option when running a render to show just surface edges and not show isocurves. I can do this in the raytraced view mode by toggling various settings, but I can’t seem to get it to work in the render window.


Hi @joshuakn,

Did I understand correctly that at first you are denoising in the Render Window (which opens using the Render command). You then disable the denoiser and close the Render Window. Then you start rendering using Raytraced in the viewport. And now the problem is that the denoiser is active?

If this is the case, please check that the NVIDIA denoiser is disabled in the viewport’s post-effect view here:

If you want to control globally whether the denoiser should be active or not in the Render Window or in the Raytraced viewport, you can go to Tools → Options → Render → Post-effects and enable it from there.

Does this help solve your first problem?



I’m not able to reproduce your issue with getting black output from a ViewCaptureToFile. Are you able to reproduce the problem? More detailed steps to reproduce would be helpful.

Regarding not showing Isocurves in renders, this issue has been reported already and is part of the following YouTrack item: RH-59626. The item is currently assigned to @andy .


Thanks for the response and sorry for not realizing where the setting was for the de-noiser in raytraced view mode.

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