Trying To Understand Chamfers & Fillets

Hello, I’m fairly new to Rhino and I have been using Shapr3D but want to move away from subscription based software. Im struggling to understand how the fillets and chamfers work. In Shapr3D you do it and it works. I keep breaking surfaces in rhino. Heres a shape im trying to get in rhino. my process is to drop a solid box then chamfer the top edges, then the front edges. However the front sharp edge doesn’t match.

Here is the reference I’m using.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get the shapes you want while maintaining a solid polysurface that doesn’t have any naked edges?

This is as close I could get in Rhino But it doesnt match.

Thanks in advance!

Hello- it’s hard to say without a specific example or a file but ChamferEdge should manage if you do them at the same time. But, Rhino is a surface modeler, primarily, not a solids modeler, though it has some solids-like tools - it sounds like (maybe) you are approaching the the thing from a solids perspective - that is not always the best way to work in Rhino. But post an example if you like and I’ll try to help.


Ah thats the issue I’m running into then. Im using it as a solids modeler. Im not even sure how to go about it on a surface level. I had an idea to use 2 curves at the hard edges off them from eachother then loft a surface. Hmmm I might have to rethink how I’m going to use this program now.