Wish: enhancement "fillet/blend edge" and "Chamfer edge"


In Rhino 6 will be introduced "fillet/blend edge of type “setbacks” and “chamfer edge” with angles chosen by the user (other than 45 °)?

If not, it might be interesting to implement them? (for example, Alias ​​and SolidThinking possess these characteristics, if I’m not mistaken).


(Brian James) #2

Hi davide76,

Thanks for the suggestions. Do you have any sample files for the ‘setbacks’ request? I’d like to see the exact set up of adjacent surfaces you would be working with.

The Chamfer by angle request is already logged as RH-20185 and there is some chatter internally about how exactly it would work. For instance, a distance and also an angle are presumed to be needed. If you have any more info on how you would want it to work please add that to this thread.


Hello Brian.
This example does not show fillet of type “setbacks” but I’d like that one day Rhino could automatically resolve these situations without having to do everything by hand. Watch the last part of the video if you like.
(If I can find examples of fillet setbacks will place them here). Thanks.


The blend surface consists of 7 edges, I can only achieve it with the plug-in “VSR shape modeling” using the “Multi blend”, otherwise with the patch of Rhino you can not implement well.


The result is this. Maybe you could do better, I do not know …