Chamfer edge issue

Hi, i am experiencing something strange with chamferedge command.I show the image for reference.
Rhino correctly chamfers the edge but there is no continuity between edges. I noticed that this thing happens only in latest releases of Rhino6, once the command worked differently .
Now it cuts the edges of a polysurface considering them as separated. I would like to make a continuous chamfer . The same for the command fillet or blend for polysurfaces.
Any suggestions?

can you upload the file? or a part of it

Then can you post the rhino 5 as comparison. But what I think is that the angle between the horizontal and the others is not constant. So this leads to uneven looking chamfers or fillets. That is if you use the rolling ball fillet. Try distance from edge chamfer or fillet and the result will probably look better.

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Hi, Rhino5 does the same. But i m sure that in previous SR release of 6 it would have connected properly the chamfers. Of course it can be done manually, and the angle between those parts is not constant, but is it possible to make the chamfers connected in someway?
I upload the filerollbar .3dm (202.7 KB)

now I better see the shape. There is no way you can have connecting edges without doing the chamfers manually. It is mathematically impossible, nothing to do with Rhino.

btw: doing this manually is just a matter of using SplitSrf on one surface and then on the other surfaces by snapping to the just created end. A matter of a minute or 2 of modeling work

yes Gjis, i’ve already designed it using split surf and some manual adjustments.
Ok, thanks for the answer. :wink:

in this case you can use wirecut if that helps

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