Help With Fillet Edge

I’m trying to fillet edges on a closed solid polysurface and I’m doing something wrong somewhere… I’m working on creating a folder for work that I can 3D print. I’ve printed a couple and they work great, I just need to smooth the edges where the fabric is being fed into the folder. I tried using the fillet edge with a radius of 0.40 but here is what I get…

What would I be doing wrong?

folder.3dm (612.0 KB)

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Dear @veronica.hubbard

there are several issues regarding the surface-Layout of your model.

make sure, that all planar faces are build as so.
make sure that all coplanar faces are not fragmented.

If everything is within (documente-absolute) tolerance.
Delete the initial surfaces of the green area (sub-Select, ctrl + shift + right click, delete) and easily rebuild them with _cap.

this workflow does not do it s job for the red, violett, blue area, which means it is not planar.

also this super narrow kind of surface stripe - belonging to the red surface is some unwanted artefact.

at the (x) corner 5 surfaces meet and the marked edge is not tangential.
Rhino _filletEdge can not handle this.

you can manually build fillets with _filletSrf which is a lot of work…
if you need the part only once - print it with sharp edges and use sandpaper ?

hope this helps - tom


Thank You Tom, much appreciated. We will be needing this folder more than once, for now I will continue 3D printing what I have and work on correcting the model in the meantime. 3D printing is new for us and I’m not super familiar with Rhino but love working in the software. I plan to start going over the tutorials to help with our future projects at work.

Thanks Again,