Surface modelling

Hi everyone,

I’m stuck with a small problem. I’m making a topten sparring helmet and i need to chamfer a surface BUT the chamfer needs to flow over into another surface (so that the chamfer disappears). I simply can’t come up with the solution, i know it’s supposed to be simple and logic, but i’m new to this.

You can try a chamfer first, and then the chamfer edges, those you use the fillet tool on?

If you can not get the exact shape you might want to build it with curves instead.

Hi Nicolas,

What you can try is to extract the chamfered surface and create a blend surface between the now open edges.

If you need more specific solutions, you could post your file here and maybe someone can have a look.


WOW! thanks for the info and effort!
but i can’t even chamfer the surface

I do understand what you’ve just explained, but why won’t this work? It’s supposed to be simple, I don’t get it.

I’ll post my file right away, thanks a lot!

TOP1044 003.3dm (5.4 MB)

Here is the file, I’d really appreciate it if someone could have a look at it.

You have a polysurface lying on top of the one you are trying to chamfer. Remove it or move it to another layer and switch that layer off then fillet edge (it worked fine with a value of 1)

sorry meant chamfer edge!

oooh thanks a lot! that did it! I have a chamfer (value 8) right now, but do you know how i can blend the chamfered surface with the helmet surface? I started by duplicating the edge > pipe > helmet surface & chamfered surface splitting with pipe> delete the splitted surfaces,> surfaceblend them together. But it seems not to work, i’ve used this method a lot of times before, why won’t it work now?

Anyways thanks again for the chamfer-problem :wink:

PS: Does anyone know what “…Invalid input. Nothing done…” means? I just ran into this problem :confused:
and it really has no reason to occur. I was just chamfering this, chamfering that,… after my 3rd chamfer, the error appeared, and it was on exactly the same object/surface than the previous 2 times?
What to do about it? :s

I didn’t have any problems chamfering the holes (used a value of 2) but had to fiddle it a bit around the lower ear pieces. I think you are going to encounter problems blending the surfaces around the tight curve of the chin parts. If you use pipe its likely to intersect itself here. TOP1044 003test.3dm (6.0 MB)