Trying to Rotate Object around a Reference Curve

Hi there,
I am wondering if anyone can help me.
I am trying to rotate objects around a reference curve, but am unable to figure out how to do this.
Blue line is reference curve, I want to rotate the “knot (green objects)” around the blue line.
Please advise!

I’m not sure if I’m understanding correctly, but this is what I came up with.


You can give the object a “To Path” simple constraint.


This makes the objects pivot move along the curve but it will not affect the objects rotation. Then you can animated the objects rotation normally.

Here’s the model.

Rotate.3dm (26.6 KB)

Hi, thank you for the quick reply. I think I can explain it better.
To rotate the “knot” it is rotated using the rhino command “ROTATE3D” is there a command similar to this is Bongo? I want to rotate3d the knot using the curve as the start/end of the axis
Please let me know if this makes sense!
Thanks you!


Here’s an example of animating object rotation

And the corresponding tutorial on object animation

You’ll want to align the objects pivot with the curve first. You can use the BongoRotatePivot and BongoMovePivot commands to do this. Then add your rotation keyframes to that axis. In this example the rotation keyframes need to be on the X axis.

If you intend to animate the curve as well then hierarchy can help you keep them in alignment.

I suspect this is what you are looking for.

YES! Thank you Luc! I will go try this now :slight_smile:

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