I need some hint


I am very new to bongo watched some tutorials and tried something to achieve attached animations yet could not figure it out. Can i have some tips.

thank you

Hello, I hope this is understood :sweat_smile:

1 start the animation by moving “object A” 55,924mm in Z on the 99 timeline.

2 relate objects A-B-C-D using the Select Objects Children command;

don’t forget to reposition the pivots

3 In the timeline you must rotate object B 85 ° on the Y axis

4 relate objects “A” and “A_1 line” with the Select Object’s Children command, in that order

5 use Link Chain command to constrain object “D” with point

6 in the bongo properties to object “C” and object “D” we give the following restrictions

7 we select the point, in the bongo properties, as shown in the image we use the curve as the objective object.


Nice going Vikthor, only… because you use both a vertical motion of the rod and a rotation of one of the links it is hard to keep the floats drifting at a fixed height.

Some more IK is necessary. I came up with 2 solutions.
Blastered.3dm (268.3 KB)

The first one is based upon the assumption that the horizontal rod is only allowed to move up and down, hence also the knots of the various links will only move vertical. Consequently it is assumed that both floats move perfectly in sync. I used the horizontal move of both floats as drivers for 4 rather basic IK arms which work kind of independently, each with their individual vertical constraint.
I used some (simple constraint) trickery to make the rod move along with the knots.
This solution is rather a simulation (a make belief) than an investigation in the nature of the mechanical structure.

The second solution is loyal to the mechanical structure. It allows independent movement of both floats, and thus also horizontal movement of the top rod.
The IK structure is far more complex (certainly for an apprentice). Unfortunately at the moment I haven’t got the time to make a tutorial-like explanation like Victor’s.


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In my defense, I rarely use bongo. :smiley:

however, I liked his analysis and explanation more
I leave video according to what I can understand from your example.

Hi @Luc and @vikthor

I am really thankfull for your explanations. and the video was very helpfull thank you.