I am having hard time learning Bongo. wish: 3d rotation - Rhino command

Hello, I have to make some animation which an object needs to be rotated 3d and then move forward and then an object is also need to be rotated and then in it an object need to be move forward.

I made blocks so that I can choose more than a surface but a whole device. But as ı choose the device, every group’s xyz coordinates is displaying on the screen.

Is there an easier way to make this animation , how can I learn Bongo easily. I have watched some youtube videos but I still have a hard time making an animation.

I wish Bongo could understand Rhino commands such as rotate 3d.


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I hope you have also looked in our (resigning) website Getting Started Help - Bongo for tutorials and info.

Two practical questions:

  • Could you post the model your are trying to animate and eventually a description or some image of what you are trying to achieve.
  • Which version of Bongo are you using: 2.0 or 3.0 WIP? And I assume you have Rhino 7?


You can turn off all of the individual geometry ‘pivots’ easily
Tools > Options > Document Properties > Bongo > Object Pivots = uncheck all

The best way to get clean animation for a large assembly of objects is by using a proxy. Its the yellow arrow pointing at the blue dot.

It serves to create a hierarchy, where things are connected for much easier control. A group will not do this. Do not use a group.


  • create a proxy (it’s your parent)
  • assign all child geometry
  • ONLY animate the proxy.
  • You can even add or subtract geometry from this simple hierarchy.
  • DO NOT group anything. As soon as you ungroup, all the animation will be lost. Use the proxy for that reason.

It’s easy to overlook the good idea in this suggestion.

Why not make a macro-interpreter for the most basic things so that Bongo could guesstimate a rotate- or translation configuration based on a command executed from within Rhino. That would be just… a phenomenal feature. Try some simple connection first. Add more in the future.

What I mean is really that if you do a 2D or 3D rotation in Rhino, you essentially enter the info needed by Bongo to automagically create a rotation in Bongo, although more and/or refined properties could be set in Bongo after the rotate-connection is established. A boost in user friendliness.

I could be wrong, but the idea is excellent. If possible then Bongo will have a new bright(er) future.

// Rolf

Unfortunately, this is a bit complicated. Bongos rotations, scales, and translations work from the pivot. Commands like Rotate3D can have the rotation originate from anywhere. For something like this you probably want to use some proxy point and make the object a child. Then you can rotate the point to simulate an animation like the transform a Rotate3D command creates. This description may be a bit abstract. Here’s the tutorial from the Bongo docs. It has some good visuals.

I agree, but without getting too technical, certain transformations (rotations) are especially complicated. There are also transformations that can be done with commands that Bongo does not support (shearing). But this already happens to some degree currently with the gumball translations.


I’ve logged the request here, and I have some idea of some things that could be done.