Trying to nest degree 2 or 3 curves

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I’m trying to nest these objects using OpenNest:

But it doesn’t nest the circles, it seems like it doesn’t work with curves in a degree other than 1 (it does work if I rebuild the curves to degree 1 but that’s not a good solution for me).

I’ve also tried using control points but then it didn’t look at the curves as one in the other as one unit each but nested each curve on its own which is not what I need.

I’ll appreciate some help, Thank you.


You need a polyline sheathing on circles

Thank you @eddi for the detailed screenshot, unfortunately in your suggested method I can’t get any of the curves to stay one inside of the other like they are before the nesting:

In this video tutorial I saw that if you want to have objects inside other objects it has to be with the “RhinoObjects” component which uses the GUID of the objects and those can’t be curves and have to be polylines.

Turning the circles to Degree 1 with 100 control points each takes more time to nest and more time to view the irretations and is not the best solution as it’s not a true circle.

I’ve tried a few things but couldn’t get it to work, Is there any way to bound curves with polylines so they could be used with “RhinoObjects” and maintain the other objects they have inside of them?

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This one:
Cutting inside shapes - Grasshopper / OpenNest - McNeel Forum (31.2 KB)


Thank you @Petras_Vestartas, that did the trick.

Many thanks for this awesome plug-in.

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Therefore a hull is created, how many points are used, dictates the curve geometry and desired precision. (Of course less points is better)
For the complete transformation all curves must lie within polygons.

Little experiment with GUID’s (a few clicks are necessary)
OpenNestTestGUID.3dm (65.9 KB) (18.9 KB)

Thank you @eddi for your answer, it’s interesting and good to know but sometimes combining a polygon outside and a curve inside is a must, so Petras solution with the surfaces does cover it and does it well.
But thanks again :slight_smile: