Nest the same curve until filled

Is there a way to nest the same geometry (a rectangle in my case) into the given polyline until there’s no place left?

I tried doing it with @Petras_Vestartas’ OpenNest by repeating the geometry and taking only the first sheet, but there’s a lot of excessive computation and I don’t know the approximate number that I’ll need.

@laurent_delrieu, I remember seeing some example of yours but can’t find it. Please help.

What is the outline?
For rectangular outlines you can just array items in rectangular grid. In OpenNest there is Pack Objects component for that, which is fast.

On other hand, Laurent solution would work for custom shapes.

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I noticed the packing, but no, unfortunately it’s almost always not a rectangle. Normally they’re polylines with 3-10 segments.

Thanks Laurent. As I saw in the post the scripts work with meshes right? The results are amazing, but it takes quite some time. Is there a simplified one that can work faster just with curves?

I made it with mesh because they can describe a surface. So no I can’t change that.
I you want fast result change the pixel number ( an integer that is near 400 or 1000). If it is 1000 put 400 it will be faster. Or post some images of your problem.

With curves there could be ambiguities when there are holes. In some software/library they manage that with the winding. In Rhino there are no standard I know.
What is that 3 disks, 2 disks (one with a hole), 2 disks with each a hole ?