Cutting inside shapes

I am trying to put holes inside the pieces I want to send to cnc so a metal bar could go inside those holes. But I am struggling to achieve this. I separated the shapes and used transform to put them together, but they are not coming in the right position. (36.1 KB)

Hi, use surfaces (63.4 KB)


I see, you did a nice turn around solving the problem. But thw way i was doing wasn’t possible? I was doing that way because i saw in one tutorial. Also I would like to know if it is possible to separate them in two groups, so I can label one as “A” parts and “B” parts.

Was too lazy to analyze your solution;) Certainly possible multiple ways.

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Does this work for you? (34.3 KB)

The branches of your trees didn’t match. That is what you were doing wrong in general.

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Btw, this is off-topic, but do you think you can introduce sheets with openings in them? Imagine you have a sheet of metal, you have already cut some peaces out, but you want to use the rest of the material. Something along those lines.

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Possible to implement, but first I need to bring all the plugin files to food4rhino, since they were lost after maintenance… :rofl:

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I’ve seen something like this done in an comercial nesting software before, but I have forgot it’s name. Everything else is pretty much acheavable with OpenNest as it is. At least I haven’t found a problem that I wasn’t able to solve. Amazing work my friend!

It was a nice solution, exactly what i was looking for, Thanks!

I just couldn’t understand the relationship part of the point in curve component to the cull pattern component. I mean, I know that you used this to do a pattern, but didn’t understand how the relationship did a patern since it is saying that has 2356 defined values. Could you explain me?

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If I could give you a suggestion, being able to combine different cutting pieces of 2 different groups in one sheet or more would be nice, with the ability to label them separately. It would be a huge improvement for big scale work

Sorry for the late reply. Long story short, your data wasn’t soerted right.

In your file you have 45 branches for the holes you want to repeat the transformations. But you have only 31 branches for the transformations. This is where the issue lies.

In my example I have sorted the data in such way that I have 31 branches for the holes and 31 branches for the transformations. Everything matches so the result is correct.

My example is one of many possible ways to do this task. I advice you to spend a bit of time learning data trees. They are not difficult to learn, just not very intuitive.

I understand that data should match, but in my head it wasn’t possible since some pieces had more than one hole.

The three branches must match. Not the amount of data there is on these tree branches. You can have 31 branches, with 10 000 items on each branch.

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thanks for the advice. Now that I know what the command of lines and points can do the relationship to sort the list gets easier, but I feel that I wouldn’t be able to think this by myself

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This will help you a lot. It is a bit like riding a bike. Once you learn it you never again have a trouble with it.