CNC furniture nesting

Hello! I do furniture design for CNC router. I’m trying to use OpenNest but I’m having problems and I couldn’t solve it reading older topics.

I’d like to nest some furniture parts into plywood sheets. Some of the parts have inner curves (for pocketings, holes and etc), and some do not. Some of the inner curves overlaps outside curves, some don’t.

I’d like it to work with several products, so with different number of parts for each different furniture design I do.

I have tried to input outside and inside curves separetedly, but I think I’m haveing some data tree problem. Inside curves go crazy

I also have tried to used RhinoObjects to group each individual part togheter. But it didn’t work either.

Could you guys help me?

OpenNesting (33.4 KB) OpenNesting help.3dm (261.7 KB)

Would it help to use Region Union for the profiles and overlapping pocket curves to simplify this?

I’m not familiar with OpenNest but perhaps if you nest the Region Unions and then put the seperate profiles and pockets onto the nested Region Unions after the nesting operation it might be simpler?

this relates the Area center of the “inside curve bounding rectangles” to the “outer curve bounding rectangles”

it will fail only if inside curve bounding rectangle Area center will fall outside outer curves bounding rectangles… which means something that is in the “inside curve” parameter happens to not be an inside curve

OpenNesting (22.6 KB)


Really Nice Inno! Thank you!

I just realize that I also need to keep objects properties (layers and colors)

could make it by adding these (65.1 KB)

I’m a little lost :slight_smile: could you please attach also the Rhino file?

I think the definition in your image already passes the pre-nesting curve object attributes to the final nested ones

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Yes it does! Works fine! Thanks!!