Nesting in Shapediver with Opennest

We have used rhinonest with rhino to nest groups where all objects within a closed curve are treated as a group.
I have tried and failed to be able to do this with OpenNest and am guessing it is not possible.
Does anyone know if this is the case, or if there is a way to do this.
An picture of an example is below, all geometry is planar.


Just repeat the transformations for all object within the closed curve.

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You need to have a low poly outline.
RhinoNest was similarly computing 2d closed polyline for multiple objects. For OpenNest you need to specify that closed polyline separately.

And then you can transform additional attributes like text, open or closed curves using transform output.

In food4rhino I attached example files for different scenarios.

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Thank you both for your help and guidance.
All geometry has been created from unrolled surface and as such is planar and lies in the xy plane.
Can I please ask what is meant by “low” polyline count?

Nesting works polylines.

The smaller number of points polyline has, the faster the algorithm runs.

Thank you Petra’s for such great support.

You have done an amazing job with this! Can you please explain the rotation options? What number corresponds to what set up? Also the seed.

Apart from that I am very impressed by your work on patterning of pneumatics . Also the weaving thingy is crazy!

Cool stuff!

The rotations is the angle the figure is rotated if rotation is 4, the figure is rotated 360/4=90 angles. Seed is random number generation, it will choose first nfp selection, I did seed input so that results are the same once gh definitions is reloaded. Iterations is number of times solver is run and the best solution is output

There are some issues with iterations, as model has to be in proper scale, and I suggest to nest always a smaller number of figures first, as there a certain limit with the parallelization. There is a small bug which I am working on.

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I am playing with it since yesterday and I haven´t noticed any issues. The example file you have uploaded made it very easy to understand what can be done. The only thing that was missing was short description to what does what, like the rotation. The iterations I understand. Can I restrain it to rotate 180 degrees or not at all for example? Then the value should be 2, right? Also to tell it to start nesting from left to right on the sheet or from right to left?