Trying to create hex grid on bRep, bRep to Surface?

Hi! I’m trying to create a hex grid on a bRep I’m working with so that I can create some attractor panelization, but am having trouble. I’ve tried every way I can think to turn the bRep into a single surface with lofting contours, removing hard corners, deconstructing, etc. If all else fails I could panelize every surface separately, but I would prefer not to just to improve workflow. I’m fairly intermediate with grasshopper and am willing to try whatever works. Cheers :slight_smile: bRep model1.3dm (311.8 KB)

Here’s a possible start.

  1. Unroll Brep. There are many components floating around that do this. I have no idea where this one came from.
  2. Use Bounding Box >Union Box on unrolled brep to get one surface.
  3. Use Lunchbox HexGrid to divide surface.
  4. Trim with Region to get hexes in each surface
  5. Map Curve back to brep surfaces.

Of course, there were a few wrinkles. Surface 8 of the brep had its v direction switched, so that had to be swapped. using the Swap Direction component from Pufferfish. This might also be true of a few other surfaces

If you’re going to try attractors, maybe it would be easier to do it on the flat grid, and then map all that back…

hex grid on (36.4 KB)


Wow I really can not express how grateful I am for your help, this is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!