How to make multiple surfaces grid in grasshopper?

Hi everyone
I have a multiple surfaces to make grid like this picture.I tried many times but don’t work ,could you help me(I upload my file,and picture) ?

my model.3dm (393.0 KB)

With a mesh(by its faces), not a polysurface.

Hi Michael
Could you make a simple sample about my model what I upload?(BTW upload your file or printscreen) ,thank you

You must use a quad mesh so it is better you model with quad meshes and then use Catmull and Clark subdivision
See an example here

Or use a good quad mesher to transform your brep

Hi Laurent
thank you so much about your answer,I just study your way to deal with the brep(about the second way I don’t understand what that mean,because I can’t find the file in the GitHub,sorry).
thank you again

Instant meshes is a software that needs a mesh as input. Just export your brep to obj file or stl or whatever is needed.
Install software

Choose the settings, number of quad …
And export the result mesh to rhino grasshopper

Should we ?

he, he

thank your Laurent,I had get the result by your first way, It seems work well ,but in fact this just like uniformly divided the brep,but can’t get the texture like the picture what I upload,Is there a way to implement it?

Hi Peter
thank your for your answer, but I just undertand C#, I don’t quite understandwhat what you post (is it Python?),could you give me the component of GH?

Take a look at this topic, maybe the plugin Bowerbird has what you need.

No it’s Python from the link that Laurent provided.

The question was for Laurent meaning: should we convert that P to C#?

@PeterFotiadis I 'll give a look when I get home.
@tangchisg the link I give at the beginning could help you to transform the orientation of mesh