Subdividing Brep and merging edge panels into one

I am trying to create a hexagonal grid on a brep though the lunchbox. Though it was giving me a different division grid for each face I managed to get the same for each face. But now I want to merge the boundary faces into one hexagon and I need a bit of help to make highlighted cells as one surface so that I can relax the whole surface using kangaroo later.

surface hexagon creation attempt (9.2 KB)

Your surface parameter is empty.

Sorry I did internalize the surface but re uploading the file again.
surface hexagon creation attempt (12.6 KB)

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Is this what you want?

surface hexagon creation attempt (14.8 KB)


yes , Thanks a lot let me analyse how you did it. Thanks again !

Thank you. amazing solution I did not know about the collision component you used.