Creating surface from hexagonal grid

Hello to all!
I’m really new to grasshopper and even to rhino. I just installed them and I was following this tutorial Parametric Urbanism - Grasshopper Tutorial - YouTube but doing it with an hexagonal grid rather than with an ortogonal grid. So when I get to the minute 4:00 and I have to create a surface from the resulting points, I have no idea how to do it.
I’ll attach screenshots because I’ve probably explained myself very badly.

So here you can see the hexagonal grid, which is deformed with two curves. And my goal is to make a surface out of the deformed points of the grid.
Thank you!!

Post geometry

By geometry you mean…? I’m new to this, so please specify if it’s no problem. I’ve posted everything I have in the file so I have no clue what you mean

Interpolate the geometry in the grasshopper definition, save it and post it. You don’t expect anybody can help you if they have to guess where is the issue, right? :slight_smile:

I think David means to “internalize” your geometry - check out this post

From your screenshot though, it looks like you could use PolylineBoundary Surface on your distorted hexagonal cell vertices, assuming that the distortion keeps them in the same plane.

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Yep :smiley: David needs coffee

Hmm I guess the problem here is that I’m trying to do something complex and I should just start from the basics, as I’m completely lost.
Thanks to both of you, qythium and david, anyway for the help , I apologize for wasting your time :smile:

It is not complex, but nobody can help you if you don’t want to post geometry.

If for example you need to create a surface for each hexagon, then just connect Boundary Surface component like this:

This work if your geometry is sorted well. If it is not, then you need to sort it in such a way that every hexagon sits on their coresponding branch etc…

I think this will work for you

Or if you need the surface after your manipulations, then it is more complex. In this case maybe a Patch component with high flexibility value can do the trick. But without the geometry, nobody can do much for you.