Curtain Wall and Organic-shaped Roofs

Hi there,

I am modelling a building with a curved free-form roof and a glazed facade. VisualARQ is pretty imprecise with mullions when extending the curtain wall to a curved surface. And when I cut Curtain Wall by a solid it doesn’t generate the curtain wall frame at all. Does anyone has any workarounds or do I have to model the top mullion manually.

Hi @mijalskid17, please send us any example where the frame and mullions of extended curtain walls are not well generated.

That’s done on purpose. The vaSubtractSolidscommand cuts all parts of the curtain wall (or any other VA object) it intersects with the solid of subtraction. If you want to generate the top frame, use the vaCurtainWallExtend command instead of the subtraction one.

Hi, I just run a series of test in a new file and it works perfect so I assume it was something wrong with my file. Sorry for bothering you.