Translucent Glass for Shower Surround

Hi: I would like to take a shower surround and instead of clear glass, change the material to resemble sandblasted glass which renders the glass translucent but not transparent, i.e. a ‘Privacy’ surround.
Any suggestions ?

Hi Charles - here is a file with a couple of different approaches -
PrivacyGlass.3dm (198.1 KB)


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A third way would be to set opacity roughness to say 0.4 or 0.5. That still has a smooth surface, the roughness is rather on the inside of the material. It is especially clear in the thumbnails. The top one with opacity roughness set and regular roughness all the way to 0% you can see reflection on the surface, but inside it is milky, more translucent. The bottom preview is regular roughness.

The regular roughness (on glass clarity is inverse of roughness) shown as thumbnail

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This looks great

Thanks Nathan
Much Appreciated