RhinoRookie - Glass / Reflection

I’m trying to get my glazing right.
Right now I have some dots on the left and then its very bright on the right…
I’d like some transparency and reflectivity like in the image attached! … not sure how to do this…
would need some tips, thanks!

02 materials Example

Hello - it’s hard to say without the file - can you send it to tech@mcneel.com? Please SaveSmall and zip, and make sure to include the textures in the save.
Please include a link back to this topic in your comments.



I just replied to the email you sent with the file but posting here as well…

Take the surface representing your glass and use OffsetSrf to make it a solid, something like .025 works in your model. Then turn on the Sun and adjust as shown. You can use the Raytraced display mode to get the attached result. Rhino Render won’t bounce light on the interior. Also make sure to apply a Glass template material not the Custom one that was applied in your file. I think you may have done this already.

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Thank you!
I’m raytracing now and getting a similar result then you.
It’s taking a really long time tho, is there a way to change resolution etc like in the rhino rendering// just to see a ‘‘draft’’ version of how it would tun out.

Also is it not possible to get the same effect in rhino render?What is the difference between ray tracing and rhino render?


Raytraced will just be a matter of how long you let it run and the sample count it gets to. You can exit out of Raytraced or click the pause button at the bottom of the viewport to stop it. As far as speed, it’s a combination of viewport size/pixels, lights, materials and the hardware doing the raytracing.

Raytraced uses the Cycles render engine under the hood and can do more than Rhino Render specifically indirect illumination which is the bouncing of light.

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Thanks :slight_smile: