Translucent Box Appears When Overlapping Details

Hi, I am using the layout page to create an exploded Isometric of a staircase for construction.
I have a base detail, and then I have duplicated the detail and isolated part of it to give it the appearance of ‘explosion’ (see screenshot).

However, when I export it, the isolated detail in front of the base detail creates a translucent box which i do not want to see! I am using the rendered display mode. I don’t want to use any other mode.

I also, can’t explode the staircase in the model, b/c on the same sheet, I have plans and elevations. So, exploding in the model would mess up the views in the layout.

I’m on a Mac using Rhino7.

Help me !

Hello - so far I do not see a way to do that…


Hi Pascal,

Right… so how would I go about having a Construction Drawing Sheet set up with plans and elevations and also an exploded isometric all at the same time?

Can’t be done?