Opaque Backgrounds in overlapping details

Regarding recent Mac update version 7.12.21313.06342, 2021-11-09, there was a change listed regarding detail backgrounds to eliminate opaque backgrounds on overlapping details. I am interested in what was changed and cannot locate the release notes.

I don’t see a change in background transparency in my layouts.

Hi Matt -
I see that you were pointed to the release notes in another thread that you started.

As for backgrounds in details, in a pervious version of Rhino 7, a bug was introduced that would hide the contents of a detail that was below another detail even though only the background of the upper detail was in front of the other information. That was fixed.

Please provide a 3dm file and clear steps to reproduce the issue that you are seeing.

That is different than the problem I am concerned with that shows up when printing - the detail background is translucent and thus partially obscures any underlying details.

Hi Matt - if you can post a simple example file that would be helpful.


Please see this recent post for the result… How to get a transparent background in detail view in layout

I will try to make a simple model file to post.

Attached is a sample file. I deleted many layers, so the drawing has lost its meaning, but the translucent backgrounds still show.

Print it, but open the file in Preview to see the translucent backgrounds. I have not yet found a trick to make the backgrounds truly transparent.

Panelsmall.3dm (3.74 MB)

Hi Matt - there are no layouts in the file you posted, but I have made one that shows the problem.

RH-66302 Print: Transparent details are not quite

@Matt3 - for the ViewCapture work around, the V8 ‘WIP’ respects ‘no print’ for detail borders so setting a print preview on there and making the capture may work OK.