Isometric view, section export


I would like to know whether making this could be possible.
So, I am making some schemes for an architectural project we are currently participating on.
The idea is to compare our concept to the older concept. For that, I would like to render isometric views of the building with different sections to be analised. I am attaching a screenshot of how it is looking in the viewport which is as well how I would like it to look when rendered. The rendered version looks the same but without the red.

Adding clipping planes I get the sections I want to be shown in the viewport with red lines in what is being cut.
Nevertheless, when I render this, although we see the section, the red thick lines are lost (I would like to keep these) while the clipping plane is also not shown (this is good).
I tried changing the render properties to active the “show lines and curves” possibility but it was not showing the cut lines anyways.
This is why i thought that maybe I can render the views without lines and then just export them. With the command make2d it wont work. Is there anyway to “export” or “copy” the lines of a clipping plane? Could it be complicated the fact that it is isometric view?

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hi Kristian -
If you for some reason can’t use the display from the viewport (you didn’t mention which display mode nor which renderer you are using) you could always create a regular plane in the same position as the clipping plane and intersect that with your geometry to create actual curves. The Show lines and curves option should then render these curves. You won’t have control over the thickness of those curves, though…

What is it that doesn’t work?
In a quick test here, that seems fine. I rendered the isometric view, then ran Make2D, and then inserted the picture back into Rhino under the Make2D result: