Transition from G2 to G0 surface continuity along edge of polysrf

Attempting to (smoothly) blend from g2 continuity at one end to g0 continuity at the opposite end along a shared edge between 2 surfaces. Because of the highly organic nature of the design, a variable fillet will not do. When attempting to create the second surface with guidelines extended from off of the first surface, I am encountering problems. Because networksrf only allows one button (position, tangency, curvature) to be selected per edge, i am either left with a wholly non g2-continuous surface, or a surface that has an unsightly pucker (see picture) at the (attempted) g0 end (due to the “tangency” or “continuous” button being selected) any thoughts on how one might best achieve this transition along an edge? Thanks!

This tutorial on scoops and flares might help…

Thank you! Look forward to watching!

Have a look at Chapter 7 in the Advanced Level 2 training guide: Exercise 21 - Surfaces with a crease.

Perfect. That’s exactly what I’m working on. Thank you sincerely.