Curve network

I run into a problem creating a surface in between all of these, I want to preserve continuity to the green broxy shape with blends as fillet. If I use curve network it will tread the squarish thing with blends as separate curves. How would you solve this?

I would do it in sections, and then use MatchSrf to preserve continuity between all the surfaces

Yes definitely and, most important, don’t use Networksurface for this.
Use sweep2 instead, and keep your curves consistent and as light and simple as possible.

Hi Philip - please export the curves and surrounding surfaces that matter to this surface to a new file and post that here, or send to with a link back here in your comments, I’ll take a look.


Glasses.stp (1.2 MB)
Thank you all for such great advices. I managed to fix it almost, don’t think it is continous though. But I think I can manage to fix it with a fillet later on.
Now, the problem I am having instead is the meeting with the temple and the faces of the front design. I want to have a radius of 1mm but I can’t seem to get it to blend. How would you solve this? I have attached both the stl file and an image representing where I would like the fillet to be (by fillet I mean a continous g2 fillet not a g1). I would like to have the same type of result on the underside of the model but instead that part is a bit less complex.

Hi Philip - it would be helpful to have the curves - is there some reason you did not send a Rhino file? It looks like you sorted it aout but probably could get it better:


SkuggaCasualGlasses.3dm (16.0 MB)
Hi, sorry about that, here’s the file. You will find the sketches under “New Sketches”. Could you also have a look at the part I reffered to in the previous image I sent? I’ve been having trouble with it for days.

Hello - I think I’d look at a simpler surface layout for the original question - make transitions something like this -

and the fiddly little fillet like so:


Thank you so much Pascal! Do you think you can post the rhino file here?

@philip.stahlbrand - something like the attached file is probably a decent start - other surface layouts may work as well or better too, but to get you started…

SkuggaCasualGlassesMaybe.3dm (511.9 KB)