Discontinuities between Surfaces

I have watched several videos on dealing with edges. However, I could not find anything on this problem.

I have a wing shape. The green paths define lines of constant thickness. It was created on an application that allowed lofts using guidelines. So I could loft between the frames and specify the green lines as rail guides.

Apparently, I am limited to a maximum of two rail guides on Rhino. If I divide the curve at the maximum thickness guideline and Sweep2 I get this:

I get a visible discontinuity at the edge between the two surfaces.

I’ve tried creating this in various ways with equally bad results. NetworkSrf creates a surface that bulges beyond the maximum thickness line. Doing a Sweep2 using both segments of each frame does the same.

Fillet does not seem to work in this case.

Is there some way to smooth out the edge or create a the surfaces with a continuous edge?

I’ve attached the file showing the problem area:
Problem.3dm (62.6 KB)

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Hi Jim - this seems like a decent case for NetworkSrf, if you join the two end curves that’re each split in two back up. These curves could be better, if seems to me, but you should get n OK surface…


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I think that I am going to have to simplify what I have to get this to work.