Generate smooth intersection between 3 network surfaces


I am working on a product design and there is a type of intersection between surfaces where I don’t know the best way to blend them or create a seamless transition.

Three different pieces will intersect in the same spot and will need to be machined to precision. In the model these are shown in green, red and blue.

The key goal is that once the object is assembled, you will only see a seamless line but inside there will be a hook formed by the three pieces.

The first problem I have is the transition between the red and green surface, were I don’t know if there’s a better way to get a more seamless result.

The second problem I have is to blend the blue surface in such a way that there is a smooth transition. The dozen eat into the other two pieces. For this, I’ve tried using a variable fillet, but of course this can only give a G1 transition not a G2 transition. When I’ve tried Glenn surfers, I’ve realized that the new surface into the other surfaces.

In the model you will find the line work I use as well as the network surfaces and examples.

Thanks for the help!

3 network surface intersection smooth test 1.3dm (738.1 KB)