Transferring geometry to Ansys

Is there a file format that works consistently in transferring geometry to ANSYS?

As far as I know ANSYS (Workbench) as well as no workbench accepts IGES and STEP.

ANSYS includes a lot of different software tools. Which specific ANSYS software are you using, and for what purpose?

I am using Rhino 5 to make models and I have an analyst who is using ANSYS to do modal and stress analysis. We are making sector models in ANSYS because of symmetry.

@rmemmen you did not answer Graham’s question.

Are you using ANSYS Modeller, Mesher?

Simplest way to check for supported files is go to ANSYS whatever app you use and go to File-> Open or Import and check which files it accepts, then go to Rhino select your obects click File->Export and see what formats it exports and compare.

if you are using ANSYS Spaceclaim or Discovery, it can read 3dm files without problems

If the answers so far don’t solve your problem I think you need to give some more info:

  • what geometry do you have (images + simple sample file)
  • as much detail as you can give about the specific ANSYS software, including version number
  • your workflow : do you rebuild from ´sketches’ in Ansys? Is your model parametric? How do you do your meshing?
  • etc etc

ANSYS deliberately make the t tricky - they want their software to behave like on integrated package when it is actually a wide range of technologies bolted together under a « workbench » banner, as far as I can see.

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file types supported by Ansys Workbench

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