Export geometry from rhino to Ansys Ffluent

This is Teja.
I have a geometry created by Rhino. I would like to export to Ansys Fluent. I am trying to export with “Save as”. But, when i am trying to import the file in Ansys Design Modeller, I am facing some problems.
Can someone help me in this regard?
Thank you so much

Hello - what file import formats are supported by the software?


Hi Sir,
Thank you for your response.
I would like to use Rhino 6 geometry in Ansys Fluent for meshing. Hence, I would like to export the Rhino geometry to Ansys Fluent. I tried different format while exporting, but in Ansys, it is getting failed to load the geometry.
So, I would like to know how to export the geometry to Ansys Fluent.
Thank you in Advacne

Hi Kim - I understand the question - my question to you is, what file formats does Ansys accept for import?


Hi sir,
Thank you very much.
Ansys accepts IGES, STP, parasolid etc files.
I tried these files, but it is not converting all the information.
Please help me sir.
Thank you

Hi Kim - can you post an example, as a Rhino file, of an object that does not transfer correctly?


Dear sir,
Thank you very much for your help.
After, i upload into the Ansys meshing, it is connecting neighboring

blocks with lines and nodes which are not there in the actual geometry.
Please find the attachment.
Thank you sir

Hi Kim -The geometry from Rhino via is surfaces, via IGES, surfaces or solids as STP; presumably Anysys is creating a mesh from these for the analysis… are there adjustments you can make in Ansys to get a different mesh? Does Annsys support trimmed surfaces? Can you post Rhino file that has an object that works as expected and one that does not?


Dear Sir,
Thank you very much.
Please find the Rhino geometry. Please help me sir.
Thank you
KimUrban.3dm (9.9 MB)

Hi Kim - I do not have Ansys so I cannot test, myself. I need an example of one piece of geometry which works correctly in Ansys and one piece of geometry that does not work in Ansys. Then, maybe, I can see what the difference is and, possibly advise on what to do.