Rhino to Solidworks | Solidworks to Rhino

What has been the most successful way to transfer 2D and 3D files from Rhino to Solidworks? Solidworks to Rhino?

I work for a furniture company, all our work is done in Rhino. I mostly send 2D (just lines) and 3D (Solids and Surfaces) drawings to our manufacturers. The files we produce are usually not too complex sometimes they are only lines, dimensions, and text.
We have recently hired a new designer that works only in Solidworks. Any suggestions on conversions before switching them over to Rhino?

Hi Benjaimin - Surfaces and solids can best be transferred via STEP format; curves to SW can go via IGES or DWG/DXF . IGES seems to come in as 3d model only and dwg curves to a sheet (2d) or a model according to what you set on opening the file.

Rhino 5 will read Solidworks files through 2014, I think, and SW can read V4 Rhino files but I don’t think it sees curves, only surfaces and polysurfaces.


This is fairly long video (35 min), but I think it has really good information in it about effectively using Rhino and SolidWorks together:


Thank you

You can be interested in this new plug-in for Rhino: http://www.datakit.com/cad-convertors/rhino-to-solidworks-3d/2057-rhino-3d-to-solidworks.html
It adds a SOLIDWORKS export menu to Rhino.