Parametric modelling in Rhinoceros


I am using Ansys Workbench to run some finite element simulations. I want to export parameters (radius of hole, length of cut, etc.) from Rhinoceros to Ansys. Usually this works quite well with Solidworks as it is a feature based CAD tool and allows to export geometry along with associated parameters to Ansys. Is it possible to use Rhinoceros in this way?

Rhino itself will not do any parametric modeling. There is a plugin (Grasshopper) that will allow for you to design parametrically. I doubt ANSYS will read the grasshopper file so you can not import any associated parameters from Rhino to ANSYS. You can iteratively bake out the grasshopper geometry and save with different file names to achieve a similar result.


Thanks for your response. I’ll update here in case I find a way to do it.