Transfer Rhino curves to room separation lines with RIR

Rhino Plan Drawing to Revit (36.4 KB)
I’m looking to make colored floor plans by tracing plans in rhino then using those curves as room separation lines in Revit.

My grasshopper script makes floor plans in Revit based on rhino layers then adds the rhino curves on to the respectively named floor plans.

The script works for simple rectangles on multiple layers when I was testing it while building. But for some reason now that I have more layers the layers and curve lists aren’t lining up anymore and its only putting a couple of lines from the layer in Revit. Also, the add room separation node is showing warnings like the curves being off axis, continuous line and overlapping lines (Im not sure if the warnings are the problem tho)
I have a bunch of addons going so I hope the file works you.

So the problem is just the lists from the objdet and explode are un aligned.
The objdet is counting the curves un exploded then telling revit to show the first 10 curve (for example) but its taking from the list of exploded curves which has a count significantly higher.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 153306

^^^^ these are the plans in rhino
then these are the plans in revit

as you can see the missing lines from the first plan is showing up in the second

Hi Sean,

Things to keep in mind:

  • Revit doesn’t allow curves with lengths shorter than 1/32" or around 1mm, so you might need to get rid of any and stil maintaining closed boundaries if any such short curves are available in your model.
  • Revit doesn’t work with the concept of polylines/polycurves, it only has curve segments. Hence, the usual need to explode the curve before sending them to revit using any RiR line components (Detail/model/room separator etc…)
  • The warnings are for sure better to resolve by doing a bit extra work on the rhino side to remove duplicates and overlapping curves before trying to send to Revit, because it’s usually better to clean up models from warnings as much as possible. (But in any case they are warnings after all and NOT Errors :shushing_face:)

Hope this clears up things a bit for you, tried to reply with as much as understood from your post… so if you still have more doubts maybe you can share an example we can work with to try and help better.

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Thank you, this makes more sense.

Do you have any suggestions for aligning the curve and layer list. The ideal solution would probably be the exploded segments still have their layer properties.

From what I see you can basically Graft the Layer output tree, and it would have the same relation as needed when used downstream.

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Not at all, you learn by asking… good luck :slight_smile:

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