How to batch convert Rhino models into Revit walls and floors?

How to use the RIR plug-in to identify the horizontal plane and vertical plane in the Rhion model, and create Revit walls and floors in batches based on the horizontal and vertical planes respectively?
1#.3dm (339.4 KB)


you should work with closed curves instead of planes


You will also need a name generator fo this.

Alterantively you can use Speckle:

Hi 2987969100,

If the goal is native Revit Elements we (and speckle) must use what is provided by the Revit API.

There is also the DirectShape route (non-editable Revit Elements)

In grasshopper you can test for the Normal direction of a Surface against known directions like so…

The current problem is that the node of the RIR plug-in to create floors cannot batch generate floors of different elevations according to the Polylines of the outer contours of multiple horizontal planes of the imported Rhino model? (60.0 KB)

It is not possible to import multiple closed outlines into the RIR plug-in’s creation floor node to create Revit floors in batches, and only one closed outline can be input each time to generate a Revit floor.

But after I have grouped the data, the floors are still not generated in batches. This node prompts such a problem? (82.9 KB)
1#-1.3dm (471.5 KB)
But when making this Rhino model, the wall cannot be created. I don’t know why?

The curves need to be planar

You’ve got some bad curves (closed, planar, but not big enough to make a wall)

When using the RIR plug-in to create a floor for Revit based on this surface in Rhion, a large part of the edges of the surface becomes Line like-curve, and the Revit floor cannot be created. What is the reason?

test-4.3dm (56.1 KB) (15.4 KB)

If you cannot open the Grasshopper file, use this Grasshopper file or the simplified Grasshopper file (19.0 KB) (12.3 KB)

Hi 2987969100,

I’m not having any issues with your curves.

A line-like curve can be cast to a Line, whereas a Planar Curve (radiused) can not.