Rhino Inside Revit Multi Floor Creation

I’m trying to solve a mystery with floor creation using grasshopper.

I’ve got about 40 closed, planar crvs in rhino, and using the “add floor” with boundary component in grasshopper, it simply refused to make them all at once. But, for whatever reason, it let’s me do it one at a time.

Anyone have any ideas? Does the curve type matter?

Is the list Grafted? can you post an screenshot towards the end of your definition?

I attempted to graft the list, and this did not change the outcome. Let me grab a screen shot. It’s really not a complicated script.

I noticed once I did them individually, a few of them broke.

Follow up because I think I “might” have figured it out. Revit handles splines horribly and I think this is the case here. While the curves are based on a series of arcs, it looks like somewhere in the script they are being converted to splines. Sigh.

definitely the curves, grafted or not it still makes one floor per curve.

Hi @bejathen,

May I have access to those curves?
Maybe there is a problem in our side that needs to be fixed.