Creating/modifying room separation lines


Is the creation of room separation lines the same as the creation of area boundary lines or are they two different things?

Essentially I am wanting to pass in some curves- with a matching workplane and draw then all (as an array I believe). I then want the option- ideally with rir to be able to then edit those lines if my envelopes form changes etc.

I am just a bit confused if I can use model lines or area separation lines as room separation lines? And if rhino inside as nodes specific to the operation above?


I think I may have trawled back and found answer here -

They are all separate components. If you aren’t working with Areas Schemes or Spaces specifically you can stick with the Room Separation component.

Here’s a simple example of usage. Walls form the outer room boundary, separations are added and then subsequently rooms.

Thankyou- looks good- what is the reference by layer r6 out of interest? Is that a way to create an array that the api is wanting?

And does this also have an editing- say I want to edit the start end point of the given line?


That is Elefront Legacy Plugin (4.3) referencing Rhino Geometry.

There is a Line component in GH that take a Start and End if that’s the way you prefer.

Oh sorry yeah the gh part is no issues.

It’s just if I create day a room separator line-
And then I move my slab a little
Bit as a result of a changing envelope.

Essentially I will then get a series of new face boundary outlines (in this case room separator lines)

I will then get all the ones I have already made in revit and match it to the closest new line in gh- so far no issues.

But once I have found the revit room seperater line I have previously created-
And let’s say the new line in my script is slightly different- how do I edit that revit line with a new start and end point.

So it’s just how do you modify a room separator line- or would I need to delete the old one and redraw it? (Ideally I would rather just edit to avoid any room bounding issue)

Thanks for all your help!

You can modify Curve based Elements using the Element Curve component.


Thanks @Japhy

So essentially this is a kind of get/set setup.