Toucan Glass


Interesting bug when trying to set the reflectivity to 50% on a standard cube with Toucan glass material.

Program crashes

Anyone else find this?


Looks like it’s reflectivity on most materials… If I increase the reflectivity of glass further than 9% it dies. if I try to change the reflectivity of other materials in my logo it dies.

(Marlin Prowell) #3

This could be something that is already fixed. Please post your OpenGL settings, and please send in crash reports when you get them. I don’t see any crash reports with your email address, so I don’t have enough information to help further.


Bugger. Two things:

I’ve just realised I was sending the reports to Apple by just clicking to report the crash.

I’ve updated to the most recent build and it’s fixed - sorry.

If it crashes in the future I’ll send the report to you :slight_smile: